Lynn Martin
Lynn Martin: Running the Iconic NYSE

In this episode, we welcome Lynn Martin, the second woman in history to run the New York Stock Exchange.


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In this episode, we welcome Lynn Martin, the second woman in history to run the New York Stock Exchange.

The conversation is moderated by Jen Prosek, Founder of Prosek Partners, who is kindly guest hosting the podcast this month. Lynn enlightens Jen on her experience as the 68th president of the NYSE, and her navigation of an often male dominated field. 

The two also discuss; the IPO market, what makes a company ready for public markets, ESG, and board diversity. Lynn then offers insights into emerging technologies, AI, and the importance of creating accessible courses for young girls. 

We are proud to have Lynn as a guest on the show, discussing the importance of creating gateways for young girls to break into and grow within male dominated fields. The Money Maze Podcast is also now in partnership with, and supporting GAIN - Girls Are Investors, as our 2023 Charitable Partners! 

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