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We've curated a range of recommended online courses to help you understand key concepts in investment management, finance, economics and related fields.

We've only selected courses that have been crafted by professionals with 20+ years experience working in the financial services industry

Courses are also not linked to the traditional university sector, meaning you won't need to pay the brand premium & costs that come with mainstream higher education. Many of the courses have also been certified by CPD providers, and should help empower you with the theoretical and practical skills necessary to forge a successful investment management career!

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Macro Analysis
Bull & Bear Markets: Reflections and Realities.

In this short free course, learn some key trends over the last 100 years of economic history, helping you understand today's macroeconomic climate! 

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Analyst Academy Course

Members of Steve Clapham's Analyst Academy get access to world-class training on every aspect of equity research.

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