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Through direct, entertaining and insightful interviews with masters of the real life money maze, we hope to learn about different approaches to allocating capital, making business decisions, and navigating the pitfalls that line the paths to prosperity. Available on all major podcast apps, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify!

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Rainer Ender
Rainer Ender of Schroders on their $75 Billion Private Equity Business

In this episode, we have a Swiss physicist with a PhD who loves to climb mountains, but is also responsible for the $75 billion PE business of Schroders Capital.

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Direct, revelatory interviews with the masters of the real life money maze.

Tips for mastering capital allocation, making better business decisions, and expertly navigating common pitfalls on the road to prosperity.

Strategies for taking your career to the next level, inspired by stories from our high-profile guests.

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Rosanna Bassett
Investigating the Investment Potential of Fine Wine
One of my favourite episodes of the Money Maze Podcast is 'Wine - To Invest or Consume? With Gary Boom, Founder and CEO of Bordeaux Index'. Gary shares the firm's story, and explains why wine has proven to be such a resilient and high performing asset class in recent years.


What are people saying about us?
G.V. Teese

It's such a refreshing approach to learning and understanding more about the finance industry, career paths, and success principles. Each guest teaches me something new. Very inspiring, thank you! Also, can we talk about Simon's interviewing skills? Wow!


Simply excellent. First class guests intelligently interviewed. A "must listen" for anyone interested in economics, finance or just the world we live in. Well done, keep them coming!

Sherbourne Girls

Interesting that ideas such as working or moving towards a 0% carbon economy being discussed here in relation to businesses that can provide this as well as profitable returns for investors - these will be the businesses of the future that require investment!

C.J. Sparse

Amazing show. The guests have been from a variety of sectors and refreshing perspectives with every single one. Simon knows how to ask the right questions to flow in a very financial approach. I like how it ends, inspiring listeners to pursue their truths as told by the guests.

Victoria Crossie

Amazing. If you're interested in getting a career in finance you won't find a better podcast than this!


Great for anyone interested in finance, business or even current affairs. This is an invaluable resource, offering a genuine, insightful perspective into guests' personal journeys and the business landscape as a whole. I particularly enjoyed the recent interview with Sir Chris Hohn!

Paul Blyth

Great Interview, keep up the good work!