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The world of finance has a huge impact on all of us. This show aims to explore and unravel some of the mysteries surrounding the investing business, via interviews with industry leaders.

Expect tips for mastering capital allocation, making better business decisions, strategies for taking your career to the next level, and revelatory profiles of leading figures in the sector.

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Michael Lewis
Guilty! Sam Bankman-Fried & the FTX Collapse - With Michael Lewis

If you don’t know about his most recent book ‘Going Infinite’, you’ll probably want to buy it after listening to or watching this episode with Michael Lewis, author of multiple books and associated films, including 'The Big Short', 'Moneyball', 'Flash Boys', 'The Blind Side', 'Liars’ Poker', and more.



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Direct, revelatory interviews with the masters of the real life money maze.

Tips for mastering capital allocation, making better business decisions, and expertly navigating common pitfalls on the road to prosperity.

Strategies for taking your career to the next level, inspired by stories from our high-profile guests.

Latest Curated Podcast

Robert Rothkopf
Litigation Finance: An Overview of a Growing Asset Class - With Robert Rothkopf, Managing Partner, Balance Legal Capital

Litigation finance is a small but growing industry, proving to be an attractive opportunity for investors looking for a new uncorrelated alternative asset class.


The Blog

William Tod
Why FTX Collapsed - With Michael Lewis, Author of ‘The Big Short’ & ‘Going Infinite’
In the pre-Christmas edition of the Money Maze Podcast, Simon Brewer meets with the author Michael Lewis, with guest co-host Ravi Joseph. This episode offers Money Maze listeners the opportunity to hear a fascinating discussion about Lewis’ most recent book; “Going Infinite”. In this riveting interview, Michael Lewis highlights the case study of FTX, its recent collapse, and the trial of its founder Sam Bankman-Fried as a warning against the same behaviours he witnessed and wrote about in “Wall Street” in his bestselling and salacious book; “Liar’s Poker” taking place in the world of Crypto.


What are people saying about us?
Will Meadon
MD & Portfolio Manager

Simply excellent. First class guests intelligently interviewed. A "must listen" for anyone interested in economics, finance or just the world we live in. Well done, keep them coming!

Katlyn Kohler
Senior Marketing Manager

The Money Maze Podcast invites proven industry leaders as guests, and Brewer, the show’s host, asks thoughtful questions to draw out relatable stories, investment insights, and incisive opinions. The result is a listening experience full of nuggets you’ll want to screenshot, bookmark, highlight, and share.

Camilla Hill
Investment Manager

I love the podcast and have got our team listening too! Amazing ladies & gents with their stories and actually talking in plain English about what they do and how they got there helping to de clutter the career maze

Paul Armstrong
Managing Director

This podcast is excellent...thoroughly recommend listening to it (and Simon Brewer’s others in the series!)

Annachiara Marcandalli

I couldn't quite believe you when you said it was going to be such a pleasant and rewarding affair. I genuinely enjoyed talking to you; you get to hit great balls when you are served well.

Edward Whitely

We see you as such a periscope onto the outside world, and your interviews provide both current information, and also go back to investigate the past and understand the journeys some of the people have made.

Matt Brown
CEO & Founder of CAIS

“One of the leading investment-themed podcasts in our industry”

General Sir Nick Carter
Former Chief of Defence Staff

“Money Maze Podcast's reach and influence is remarkable. My appearance on the podcast led to far more offers of employment and connectivity that any of my other speaking and media work. Thank you to the team for giving me the opportunity”