The Corporate Partnership Programme

The Corporate Partnership Programme offers a number of benefits to members, including access to our network and exclusive events.
Whilst it is included as part of our full sponsorship offering, it is a separate and more subtle way of advancing your brand.

Please see some of our partners here.

Introduction to Corporate Partnership

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Join Our Network

By joining as a corporate partner, you’ll benefit from joining our network. You’ll be able to meet the high profile past guests, the show’s founders and our wider community. You’ll be able to leverage the power of the Money Maze Podcast brand, including its global listener and wider digital community. With listeners in 100+ countries and over 500,000 downloads to date, you’ll be involved in conversations that are defining our industry.

Social Media Exposure

We boost awareness of your brand through regular mentions on social media, particularly in relation to episode themes and the wider news agenda. Your expertise and research will reach a highly engaged community, across all the major social media platforms, bringing the newest talent and opportunities to your door.

Introductions To Our Guests

We are happy to help corporate partners connect with our previous guests, who often run large international funds and are influential players in the global finance sector.

Work With Our Young Ambassadors

As a corporate partner, you’ll be able to meet and work with individuals in our ambassador programme. Our brand ambassadors are uniquely talented, young individuals attending finance-related courses at leading global universities. They could prove valuable future hires.

Exclusive Events

We hold a number of events over the course of the year, with corporate partners and select guests being invited. Previous events include a drinks reception and attending an outdoor play.

As well as an enjoyable evening, these events are also fantastic opportunities to meet our guests in person and connect with other leaders in the industry.

To join please email