Bruce Cleaver
Are Diamonds Forever? With Bruce Cleaver, Co-Chair of De Beers

If diamonds are forever, then the organisation most associated with them is, of course, De Beers.


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If diamonds are forever, then the organisation most associated with them is, of course, De Beers.

From its inception in 1888, De Beers’ leadership of the diamond market has been unrivalled. Even today, they sell around 30% of the world's rough diamond production.

In this conversation we discuss the concept of diamonds as collectibles and a store of value. We hear about the shifting supply and demand factors influencing prices, the geopolitical forces at play, the rise of synthetics and the importance of the brand.

The conversation continues to environmental considerations, running a multinational business, as part of the Anglo American mining giant, and the extraordinary properties that underpin the world of diamonds.

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