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Simon Brewer Appears On The Investors' Chronicle Podcast

Simon Brewer, host of the Money Maze Podcast and former CIO of Morgan Stanley, was recently featured on the Investor Chronicle podcast as part of their IC Interviews series.

He discusses a range of issues in contemporary finance, including why he likes UK stocks, why the current supply chain issues are short term problems and why engagement (not exclusion) is the best approach investors should take when it comes to ESG.

He also shares his thoughts on the Evergrande crisis, including why it shouldn’t be used as lens to analyse the wider Chinese economy, before discussing why he’s been reducing his exposure to US equities.

He also shares why he’s hesitant to invest in cryptocurrency, why he’s keen on gold as an asset, his thoughts on the active v passive debate, and explains why he thinks ‘the next decade will be typified by much higher inflation’.

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