Image Credit: Unsplash/jonathanvez
Image Credit: Unsplash/jonathanvez
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Francis Frankopan

Examining the Growth of the Global Podcast Industry

Over the last 20 years, podcasts have entered the mainstream, with millions tuning in every week across a range of markets. Growth has been powered by increased investment into audio by large media firms, as well as widespread access to smartphones and the low barriers to entry on the supply-side.

In this report, we examine the state of podcasts in 2022, focusing on how the industry is evolving in the UK, US and China in the wake of the COVID-era audio boom. We examine some key reasons for the industry's growth, and what makes podcasts a unique media niche.

We then look at some popular podcast catagories, and analyse what the future of podcasts may look like across key markets. The full report is available to download below!

Report kindly written by Francis Frankopan and supported by the Money Maze Podcast team. Francis did work experience at the show recently, and is a second year student at Durham University, studying history.

If you have any questions about the report, please feel free to email us via!

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