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Celebrating Our Two Year Anniversary

This week we’re celebrating our two year anniversary of starting the show. Originally inspired by Ted Seides’ ‘Capital Allocators’ podcast in the U.S., we set it up to bring insights and stories - from both finance and business - to listeners around the world. In this article, we’ll be sharing more about the show with you and will discuss our exciting future plans!


We’re proud to feature guests from all walks of life, and are committed to bringing you interviews with leading figures from the investment management, finance and business worlds. We typically release new episodes every other week, available on all major podcast apps (including Apple Podcasts and Spotify) and our website.

We’d like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to you and all of our listeners for following and supporting the show, and our special gratitude to our sponsors (Schroders and Bremont Watches), as well as our Corporate Partners and other stakeholders, for helping us on this exciting journey.

We started the podcast on a modest budget and with limited IT experience, so we’re thrilled to see the show become such a hit! We now reach over 250,000 listeners per year across 90 countries. Last year, we were honored to be nominated for the Best Business Podcast by the British Podcast Awards, putting us on a stage with well-known media giants (including the BBC, Amazon and News International!). Also we have just been informed we are now in the top 1% of 2.7 million podcasts world wide (according to Listen Notes).

Since inception we have been extremely fortunate to have featured high profile figures from leading financial firms, including great thinkers like Nicolai Tangen from the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund, Sir Chris Hohn from TCI and Sir Ronald Cohen. We have woven into these discussions wider perspectives from academia, welcoming Prof Niall Ferguson, and Peter Frankopan and recently enjoying the strategic perspective from General Sir Nick Carter, former Chief of the Defence Staff. All our guests have been generous in sharing their career stories, investment strategies, advice and much more!

We recorded Episode 1 in March 2020, featuring Peter Harrison (CEO of Schroders).
Recording Episode 60 with Joan Solotar of Blackstone. It will be released on Thursday 31st March!


In addition to our fantastic editor, Matthew Passy, we’ve also welcomed a small team of digital marketing professionals on board to help grow the show’s audience and support its operation. This includes Tatiana Innocentes, Oliver Bodmer and Alex Ames.

We are particularly mindful of the show’s role in helping young people better understand the industry, thus supporting their career choices and trajectories. Off the back of this, we launched our Brand Ambassador Programme, which is now in its second year. This paid internship includes regular career mentoring calls and the opportunity to contribute to our blog.

We have also expanded our Corporate Partnership Programme, welcoming a number of new firms on board. The initiative includes invites to regular Money Maze Podcast related events, such as dinners and lectures, allowing our listener community to meet in-person and talk directly with past guests. Firms involved include our sponsors (Schroders and Bremont Watches), as well as Lansdowne Partners, Gresham House, Capital Generation Partners, Savills, Balance Legal Capital and many more! Although separate from our sponsorship offering, corporate partners also enjoy promotional opportunities via our social media and informal introductions to our brand ambassadors (who could prove valuable future hires).

We recently hosted an entertaining dinner, allowing our corporate partners and sponsors to meet podcast guests.


To help our listeners further understand the world of quant and passive investing, we have invited Robin Wigglesworth, The Financial Times’ Global Finance Correspondent, to host a miniseries on the topic. Robin appeared on the show in September last year, and is the author of a bestselling book on index investing (‘Trillions: How a Band of Wall Street Renegades Invented the Index Fund and Changed Finance Forever’). He’s therefore well placed to temporarily take Simon’s interviewing seat, and we will share these new episodes with you in April.

Later this year, we have more miniseries planned, including on the opportunities in private equity and on the intersection between finance and sport. We have released a number of Curated Podcast episodes over the last few months, which are produced in close collaboration with firms, helping to support the main show. They are available exclusively on our website, and we have lots more planned. We are also releasing more full video interviews on our YouTube channel, bringing the show to a wider audience.

Last month, we went on a great team trip to New York, and recorded in-person episodes with high profile U.S. guests.

Once again, we’d like to thank you for being a fan of the podcast, and we hope that we can continue bringing you many more insightful and entertaining episodes in the future! To stay up to date, you can follow us on all major podcast platforms, on LinkedIn and via our newsletter.

To mark the occasion, we've also re-released two of our most popular episodes of 2021 (featuring Sir Chris Hohn and Nicolai Tangen respectively). These will be back in your podcast feed now, so we'd encourage you to take a listen if you missed them the first time around!

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