Image Credit: Jonathan Farber/Unsplash
Image Credit: Jonathan Farber/Unsplash
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Behind the Scenes at the Money Maze Podcast

In this post, we'll be sharing some of the latest updates from the show with our listener community. The Money Maze Podcast was set up in 2020 by City veterans Simon Brewer and Will Campion. It now reaches over 500,000 listeners per year across more than 100 countries, and has been nominated for a number of podcast industry awards.

Our thanks goes to you all for listening, helping and supporting the show. We're always happy to respond to guest ideas and show suggestions, and you can reach us via

To ensure we can bring you the content for free, we would also like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, which now includes Schroders, Bremont, LiveTrade and Mintus.

We're particularly proud to be doing our bit in giving back to society. Part of the reasoning behind starting the podcast was to help young people develop a better understanding of the breadth of career opportunities in finance and business. We're therefore committed to keeping the show free, ensuring all can enjoy it without restrictive paywalls.

Furthermore, we've worked hard to promote careers in the industry for women and those from underrepresented groups. We've achieved this through featuring a range of female and ethnic minority industry leaders on the show itself, and recently partnered with GAIN UK. The excellent charity was set up by investment professionals to improve gender diversity in asset management by building a talent pipeline of entry level female candidates.

This summer we released our Private Equity Miniseries. It featured interviewees from some of the industry's biggest players, including Bain Capital,Vista Equity Partners, Terra Firma, Permira, Petershill Partners, CD&R, Schroders Capital and KKR.The episodes are available on all podcast apps, via our website and on our YouTube channel.

In addition, you can listen to bonus episodes via our spin-off series,Curated Podcasts With Simon Brewer. In these episodes, I speak to leading figures in the investment world, as well as featuring a few other fascinating organisations.The series is also available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

So many thanks again for listening. We look forward to bringing you plenty more interesting interviews with some of the biggest names in global finance & business!

Find out more about the show, and listen to the full update episode on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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