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Through direct, entertaining and insightful interviews with masters of the real life money maze, we hope to learn about different approaches to allocating capital, making business decisions, and navigating the pitfalls that line the paths to prosperity. Available on all major podcast apps, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify!

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Roberto Italia
Verlinvest’s CEO, Roberto Italia, Discusses Mission-Led Brands and Growth Investing

In episode 2 of our VC Miniseries, we’re pleased to feature Roberto Italia, CEO of the global, evergreen investment company, Verlinvest.

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Direct, revelatory interviews with the masters of the real life money maze.

Tips for mastering capital allocation, making better business decisions, and expertly navigating common pitfalls on the road to prosperity.

Strategies for taking your career to the next level, inspired by stories from our high-profile guests.

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Francis Frankopan
Examining the Growth of the Global Podcast Industry
Over the last 20 years, podcasts have entered the mainstream, with millions tuning in every week across a range of markets. Growth has been powered by increased investment into audio by large media firms, as well as widespread access to smartphones and the low barriers to entry on the supply-side.


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Sherbourne Girls

Interesting that ideas such as working or moving towards a 0% carbon economy being discussed here in relation to businesses that can provide this as well as profitable returns for investors - these will be the businesses of the future that require investment!

Victoria Crossie

Amazing. If you're interested in getting a career in finance you won't find a better podcast than this!

Paul Blyth

Great Interview, keep up the good work!