The Money Maze Ambassador Programme

Meet our Money Maze Brand Ambassadors. Our ambassador programme invites  young people who are aiming to begin or progress their careers in finance.
The 6 month remote programme provides our ambassadors with networking opportunities, mentoring and tailored skills development training. They kindly contribute to our blog, and we’re pleased to share their articles with our international finance industry audience.
Interested in working with any of our current or graduate ambassadors? Get in touch:

Meet The Money Maze Ambassadors

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Become an Ambassador

Apply today to learn from the brightest minds in finance and business! This is your chance to develop your CV, expand your network and receive 1:1 mentoring from industry leaders.

Our graduate ambassadors are equipped with the intellectual and social capital to master the finance industry. The internship is paid to reflect your efforts and expertise in promoting the show.

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What are you looking for?

The Money Maze Podcast will choose candidates who reflect the brand’s core values, are lateral thinkers, enthusiastic team players, and aspire to work in finance, business, professional services, marketing or related fields.

What Will I be Doing

Promoting the Podcast

Each Alongside mentoring and networking opportunities, our ambassadors’ primary responsibility is to promote the podcast on social media, reaching and engaging new audiences. We strive to be the number one finance podcast outside the US. Our ambassadors are a crucial part of this mission!

Compatible with studying, our ambassadors work with us for 1-2 hours a week. We are a flexible workplace, and there are no set targets in terms of your social media output.


Over the six months, we train our ambassadors to become effective champions of our podcast, and set them up for success in their career. We help develop their personal brand on social media, especially on LinkedIn, creating a valuable online network and a compelling digital presence.

Ambassadors have the chance to interview Simon or Will, asking questions to be recorded and shared on the Money Maze social media platforms. This is an invaluable experience for developing confidence and communication, as well as key journalistic skills.

Develop Your Skills

In order to grow your skillset, we will give you training to help you develop and learn new skills.

> Learn how to work remotely, effectively.

> Present your ideas in a compelling way and give effective feedback.

> Connect with leading figures in the financial industry, developing relationships that will shape your career.

> Tap into the potential of broadcast journalism, digital marketing, content creation and blogging!

Full Breakdown

Write Blog Articles:

Putting your essay writing skills to good use, you will be asked to write short 400-800 word blog articles to drive interest in the podcast. These articles elaborate on topics discussed in podcast episodes, and will be shared with our influential industry audience and network.

Leadership Portfolio

You will learn to structure and execute excellent, thoroughly researched articles that drive web traffic and user engagement. We’ll help you master SEO, an invaluable skill in the digital world. You’ll get your own by-line too; kickstarting your publication and thought leadership portfolio.


Develop a website by finding a product identity that has value and branding to become a characteristic of a company. We will also facilitate the business marketing of these products with our SEO experts so that they become a ready-to-use website and help sell a product from the company

Add experience to your CV

By joining our exciting programme, you’ll be able to demonstrate interest and keen engagement with the finance and corporate world on your CV. Our ambassadors receive a personal reference by our influential founders, Simon Brewer and Will Campion.

Benefit from Business Mentoring

Benefit from Business Mentoring: Each ambassador is guaranteed a one hour session with either Simon Brewer or Will Campion to discuss their future work plans. Meetings can be conducted remotely or in person. Simon has had a 25 year career in the City, starting at Citibank and rising to become Chief Investment Officer at Morgan Stanley. For the last 12 years, he’s run his own firm, Vantage Asset Management. Will is the Founder and Chairman of Campion Capital, a leading institutional fundraising business with a presence in the UK and the USA. Prior to this he was Head of European Equity Derivative Sales at JP Morgan. Both are therefore distinguished leaders in The City, and will be on-hand to offer invaluable insights and advice to ensure you reach your true potential (in finance or beyond!).

Attend Exclusive Events

Attend Exclusive Events: Attend online and virtual events held by the Money Maze Podcast for free. This is a great opportunity to network with industry leaders and learn from experienced professionals.

Programme Dates
Applications Open: September 2022
Applications Close: December 2022
Programme Timeline: January 2023-July 2023

More Information

Become an Ambassador

To become a brand ambassador email us at with your CV and 200-400 words on why you’d like to be part of the programme. Feel free to include more details about you, your experience and why you would make a great ambassador.

Extra Kudos

For extra kudos, create a post (video, visual or text) about the podcast on your preferred social media platform; describing the show, what you love about it and why you’d like to become a Money Maze Podcast Brand Ambassador. Share either a link to the post (or a screenshot) in your application email.